1-2 Corinthians by Gerald Bray (ed.)

By Gerald Bray (ed.)

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After thousand years of incorrect background, right here eventually is an impressive new biography of Mary Magdalene that attracts her out of the shadows of background and restores her to her rightful position of value in Christianity. all through historical past, Mary Magdalene has been either respected and reviled, a girl who has taken on many forms—witch, whore, the incarnation of the everlasting female, the committed significant other (and even perhaps the spouse) of Jesus.

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There are references to garments all through Paul's letters, and the metaphor constitutes an important point of his theology. The imagery looks numerous occasions in his letters: garments with Christ (Gal 3:27; Rom 13:14), garments with the hot guy (Col 3:9-10; Eph 4:22-24), and garments with the resurrection physique (1 Cor 15:49, 50-54; 2Cor 5:1-4).

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6. 15 CLAIMING BAPTISM IN THB WRONG NAMBS. AMBROSIASTER: These Corinthians were like the Novatianists and the Donatists of today, who claim baptism for themselves and do not recognize anybody else's. Those who are so baptized glory in the names ofNovatian and Donatus, having been deprived of the name of Christ. Crispus and Gaius are called as wimesses, because although they were baptized by Paul, they never suggested that he should be given any glory because of it. CoMMBNTARY oN PAuL's EPISTLBS.

THBODORB OF MoPSuBS· TIA: Boasting, even if it is of good works, banns the soul of the boaster. Anyone who boasts of worldly achievements is highly worldly himself. 9 cause he gave himself as an atonement on our behalf, that when he bestowed immortality on us as our own possession, he ransomed us from death with his own life. ON PBRFBCTIOH. 14 ATTACJUNG PRJoa. m works and that no one should glory in himself. PRBDBS· TIHATIOH OF THE SAINTS S•9• 10 Ova SALVATION. CHRYSOSTOM: God did not just make us wise, righteous and holy in Christ.

COMMENTARY ON PAuL's EPISTLBs. S Similarly, what belongs to heaven is stronger than what belongs to earth. So what seems like and imperceptible, came into being through him and is united with him, wisdom is necessar- ily interwoven with power in connection with the weakness of God is not really weak at all. the very definition of Christ, the maker of all things. ll Christ appeared to be defeated when he was killed, but he emerged as the victor and turned the reproof back on his persecutors. Y ON PAUL'S EPISTLBS.

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