1 Peter: A Handbook on the Greek Text (Baylor Handbook on by Mark Dubis

By Mark Dubis

In his research of the Greek textual content of one Peter, Mark Dubis presents scholars with an obtainable consultant via essentially the most tricky syntactic demanding situations of the Greek language. Introducing readers to the latest advancements in grammatical and linguistic scholarship, Dubis contains an summary of Greek observe order and the development of heart voice. In doing so, Dubis is helping scholars internalize the conventions of the Greek language whereas crafting in scholars a maturing urge for food for destiny learn.

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Pres act ind 1st sg εἰμί. Michaels (52) slightly favors the omission of this verb, believing that it arises from an attempt to parallel ἔσεσθε in the previous clause, although he acknowledges that an original εἰμί could have been omitted to bring it into line with the verbless clause in Lev 19:2b. One’s decision here does not affect the meaning. On the meaning of the brackets, see 1:6 on [ἐστὶν]. 1:17 καὶ εἰ πατέρα ἐπικαλεῖσθε τὸν ἀπροσωπολήμπτως κρίνοντα κατὰ τὸ ἑκάστου ἔργον, ἐν φόβῳ τὸν τῆς παροικίας ὑμῶν χρόνον ἀναστράφητε, καὶ.

This is an internally headed relative clause (a relative clause in which its antecedent is embedded). ” This repetition of σωτηρία from the previous verse also serves as a linkword between the paragraph in verses 10-12 and and the conclusion of the preceding paragraph in verses 6-9 (Elliott 2000, 345). ἐξεζήτησαν καὶ ἐξηραύνησαν. That these terms are synonymous (and thus form a doublet) is indicated by the use of ἐραυνάω by itself in verse 11 to recapitulate the action of both these verbs (Michaels, 40).

Manner. Fronted for emphasis (so LDGNT; Elliott 2000, 365). τὸν τῆς παροικίας ὑμῶν χρόνον. ” Following the conditional frame and the emphatic ἐν φόβῳ, this phrase is an example of such a third constituent. τὸν . . χρόνον. Accusative indicating extent of time. τῆς παροικίας. Genitive of time. ὑμῶν. Subjective genitive. ἀναστράφητε. Aor mid impv 2nd pl ἀναστρέφω. ” The middle voice corresponds to Kemmer’s semantic subclass of “direct reflexive” (42–52, 268). 1:18 εἰδότες ὅτι οὐ φθαρτοῖς, ἀργυρίῳ ἢ χρυσίῳ, ἐλυτρώθητε ἐκ τῆς ματαίας ὑμῶν ἀναστροφῆς πατροπαραδότου εἰδότες.

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