A Climate of Success. Creating the right organizational by Roderic Gray (Auth.)

By Roderic Gray (Auth.)

"How does it believe to paintings here?"--The significance of an organization's weather is necessary to its success.

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Work-related stress is a serious problem, causing physical and mental illness, accidents, poor performance and financial loss. A benign organizational climate may help to reduce the experience of stress. 51 5 Assessing organizational climate 53 Assessing organizational climate Some people, especially at work, like to measure everything, because this makes them feel as though they are in control. In reality, for everything that’s accurately measured, there’s some big and blobby unknown quantity lurking just around the corner.

It isn’t just the business, or the organization, which suffers when the approach to working life is unhealthy in this way. Worrall and Cooper (2006) say ‘what has emerged is a picture of managers coming under increasing pressure from the imposition of targets, performance management systems and league tables’. This puts a great strain on individuals and their families, which has serious implications 47 A Climate of Success both for employees and for their organizations: ‘in recent years economic productivity has been wrung out of the average worker, in large measure, at the cost of his or her health and happiness.

My broad interpretation is that people need to feel that they are being dealt with fairly. If this is the case then a lot of minor issues seem to fade into the background and attention can be focused on the job itself, which is in everyone’s interest. In fact, I take the view that rewards, whatever form they take, should always aim to reflect an individual’s overall contribution to the success of the organization, rather than be linked to any short-term specific target or transitory success. When something we do turns out well it tends to make us feel good anyway, and this effect is amplified considerably if other people notice.

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