A contextual grammar of Acehnese sentences by by Abdul Gani Asyik.

By by Abdul Gani Asyik.

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There are seven reflexive forms that are sometimes used in place of the ordinary pronouns. They are: droelon/droelong for Ion/long, droekuh for kaa, droeneuh for na (fla is found only in Greater Aceh), droeteuh for gata/ droekeuh for kah/ droeoeuh for goonvan. and droeiih for iih. 40 Table 1: Pronouns Person 1st Pronouns : lontuwan/ulontuwan 'I (very polite)' Ion/long 'I' kee 'I (vulgar)' Plural: geutanyoe 'we (inclusive)' kamoe 'we (exclusive)' 2nd : droeneuh 'you (respected; of older persons)' Plural: droeneuh mandum 'you all' gata 'you (of younger adult)' Plural: gata mandum 'you all' kaa 'you (of children)' Plural: Hah,mandum 'you ail' 3rd : droeneuhnvan 'he/she (very respected; used for prophets, "ulama" (very revered cleric), one's own parents (by respected adults))' Plural: droeneuhnyan mandum 'they' gopnyan 'he/she (respected; of older person)' Plural: goonvan mandum 'they;' also: ureuengnvan 'they (far)' and ureuengnvoe 'they (near)' Iih 'he/she/it (of younger person, non-muslim foreigner (except one's own teacher or an old person), animal, unrespected entity)' Plural: iih mandum 'they (only for person);' also awaknvan 'they (far)' and awaknyoe 'they (near)' 41 The following table shows the prefixal and suffixal forms of pronouns.

But in this dissertation, [A ] will be written as a and [ s ] will be written as &. preh for [prfc h] 'to wait' bjab. for [bAh] 'to throw away' koh for [kah] 'to cut' d). Nasal vowels are the same as the oral ones, but each is marked in standard Acehnese orthography with an inverted comma, which is placed on the left shoulder of each vowel, or the initial vowel in the case of diphthongs or the central high vowel au ([*«]). The inverted comma is replaced by the symbol (') for typewriter. Thus, the oral nasals are as follows.

Jih teungoh ii-duek-duek jeh-pat. ' 2. Gopnyan reubah-geuh baroe. He. ' yesterday 44 3. Aneuk nyan saket-jifl. ' [ii]. As possessive endings: 4. Ka-kalon ureueng nyan. Bajee-gauh raya that. 2y-look person- that 'Look at that man. 5. ' ji-klik. ' [iii]. As the reduced forms of objects: (only the suffixal forms) 6. Bek ka-peuklik-iih Don't 2y-make cry-3y 'Don't 7. 3 Pronoun Ordering Constraints In Acehnese sentences, pronouns or pronominal affixes may sometimes occur side by side. But sometimes such ordering may cause ungrammaticality.

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