A Coup for the Rich: Thailand’s political Crisis by Giles Ji Ungpakorn

By Giles Ji Ungpakorn

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309. 45 In December 2003 the King called on the government to carry out an investigation into the killings of the 2,245 people. 44 A Coup For the Rich Thailand’s political Crisis sometimes seek to solve crises together with society, according to the definition of a Democratic Constitutional Monarchy? If we want a Head of State in this style, then surely we must have the right to make the Head of State publicly accountable. We must have the right to criticise the institution and make suggestions in order that the Head of State can perform his or her duties properly.

If the people are uneducated & stupid as the Monarch claims... 10 In fact we know that not only was the Monarchy held in low esteem in this period, but that in many areas it was irrelevant to ordinary peoples lives. Katherine Bowie in her book on the Village Scout movement quotes a 1954 Anthropological survey in Thailand that found that 61% of rural people were uncertain about the 10 11 Nakarin Mektrairat (1990) Beliefs, knowledge and political power in the 1932 revolution. Social Science Association of Thailand, Bangkok.

On the other hand it has made many other sections of the movement much more hostile and wary of the liberal intellectuals than before. D. ) was a popular front movement against the Taksin government, comprising 23 Peoples Organisations in alliance with businessman Sondhi Limtongkul . The bulk of its mass base was among the Bangkok Middle Classes and it organised large rallies against the Taksin government in the period 34 See Michael Kelly Connors (2003) Democracy and National Identity in Thailand.

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