A Lexicon of Modern Mohegan: The Dialect of Jits Bodunaxa by Julian Granberry

By Julian Granberry

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Over [Source: Diary 2] waji particle (wa·'ji) /waji/ [wogge] [woggey] 1. in order that; 2. in order to; 3. so that [Source: Diary 1, Sermon] wajian- verb (wa·'ji-an-) /wajian-1 [wodgian-] have. Ex. wajianu m [wodgianum] /wajian-:ml'he has' [Source: Diary 1] wambayo particle (wam·ba·'yo) /wambayo/ [wombayoh] [wombeyoh] white [Source: Diary I; Stiles 'wumbiou'] wambiy- verb (wam·biy'-) /wambiy-1 [wombey-] come. Ex. wang/ [wong] I. also; 2. and; 3. too [Source: Diary Stiles] -(u)w- infix (-(u)w) 1-(u)w/ [-(u)w-] an infix connective [Source: Diary 1' Sermon, Tale] -(u)w pronominal suffix (-[u]w) 1-(~)w/ [-uw] 1.

Source: Diary 1, Diary 2] wigungzo noun (wi-'gung·zo) Noyes] lwig~gzol [wegunkso] evening [Source : wigwa- verb (wi·gwa'-) /wigwa-1 [weegwa-] 1. be good; 2. be well; 3. wigwantig/ [weguanteg] candle [Source: Noyes] wigwas un (wi·gwa ·'sun) /wigwas:m/ [weegwasun] good mornin~ (Der. wigwa- 'be well' + -s subjunctive suffix + -~n 2nd person smgular Conjunct Order pronominal suffix) [Source: Dtary 2] wigwom un verb (wi·gwo ·'mun) /wigwam~ [wigwomun] come in (Der. wigwo/ am 'house' ? + -un ~nd person singular Conjunct Order pronominal suffix?

Goynodom [geryundum] /g:}-y;md-:m/ 'you are hungry'; noyondomi /n:}-y:JI'Id-:mi/ 'I am not hungry' [Source: Diary l; Tale; Noyes 'schiant-'] yonjan- verb (yon·'jan-) ly:JI'Ijan-1 [yunjan-] open. Ex. ' [Source: Tale] yot- verb (yot-) /y:}-/ [yert-] think. Ex. yotom [Source: Diary 1] [yertum] 'he thinks' yuxamag noun (yo·'xa·mag) lya5amagl [hyushamag] husband [Source: Stiles] z zab particle (zab) lzab/ [zob] tomorrow [Source: Diary 1] zambwi particle straight [Source: Dairy 2] zatata noun (za·'ta·ta) /zatata/ [zotortar] Saturday (Der.

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