A Meeting at Corvallis (Dies the Fire, Book 3) by S. M. Stirling

By S. M. Stirling

Within the 10th yr of The swap, the survivors in western Oregon have discovered the right way to dwell in a global with no technology-but there are those that might take advantage of the recent global order. On one part stands Michael Havel's Bearkillers and their allies, extended family MacKenzie less than the management of Juniper MacKenzie. at the different is the Lord Protector, Norman Arminger-the Warlord of Portland, whose neo-feudal empire principles over a lot of the Pacific Northwest.

The tensions among factions were development for a while, and the one cause they have not met at the battlefield is simply because Arminger's daughter has fallen into extended family MacKenzie's arms. yet a plan to retrieve her threatens to plunge the total area into open warfare.

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They used "The Star-Spangled Banner," which was not only presumptuous of them but to Mike Havel's way of thinking in extremely bad taste. The Corvallans weren't just singing. Pompom-wielding cheerleaders led the crowd through the fight song, their short-skirted orange-and-black costumes swinging as they kicked and leapt. That was fairly ludicrous too, but then, he'd thought cheerleading was dumb even back in the eighties when he'd been on the bench and the local maidens were egging on the audience for the Hancock High Wolverines.

Astrid chuckled herself as she saw the trip-rope deployed; covered in mud, it would be nearly invisible while lying slack. There wasn't time for anything fancy, just a knot around one tree and a half hitch around another. "Eilir's lawar," she agreed happily. The first of the bandits came around the bend again, running hard. The rope snapped up, and three went down like puppets with their strings cut. A clash of metal and war cries sounded from behind them; somebody was chasing them. And then she noticed another figure with the outlaws; this one had a white-and-brown camouflage surcoat over his mail hauberk; both were knee-length.

The rest of the Dunedain stood as she did, and the outlaws screamed in despair at the sight of better than thirty bows drawn to the ear. A few tried to run on the Dunedain bows snapped, and nearly every one of the slashing volley struck. " Astrid called, carefully not adding any promise of quarter. " Most of the survivors threw down their weapons and knelt in the mud, hands clasped on top of their heads, silent amid the moans and screams of the wounded. The man in the knight's hauberk didn't; he just shouted wordlessly and charged, blade up and shield covering his body from knees to nose.

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