A New Heaven and a New Earth: The Meaning and Function of by Dave Mathewson

By Dave Mathewson

In this e-book the writer makes an attempt to maneuver past basically deciding upon and substantiating OT allusions in Revelation to contemplating how the presence of OT allusions and echoes impacts interpreting Rev. 21.1-22.5 and the way the OT services in the context of the complete paintings. the writer concludes number of semantic results come to mind by way of the author's non-stop intertextual entice the OT: new production, new exodus, new Jerusalem, new covenant, bridge, new temple-priesthood, paradise restored and renewed, inclusion of the international locations, prophetic legitimization. the varied allusions functionality to form the reader's belief of eschatological hope.

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7. See esp. Eco, Role of the Reader, pp. 7-8. 16. Eco, Role of the Reader', p. 8. 17. As discussed in the Introduction, this activity is under the constraint of what the author could have been expected to know as encoded in the text, although at times our conclusions may range beyond what can be proven to be the author's conscious intention. Moreover, it is illegitimate to restrict our observations to what the first readers would or would not have grasped, since, as Bauckham points out, 'the process of great literary creation does not necessarily calculate what readers will notice' {Climax, p.

38. H. 1. 1 b: 'for (yap) thefirstheaven and thefirstearth passed away'. 41 4. Yet to what extent this reflects a corresponding ontological state of affairs (physical destruction followed by a new creation), or is to be understood on a more metaphorical level, as symbolic of judgment and salvation,42 is difficult to determine, although it is illegitimate to strip John's symbol of any cosmological implications. However, it must be observed that the primary concern of John's vision is with the results of the creative act rather than the process*3* The author has taken over the post-exilic promise from Third Isaiah, which emphation 16-22', Bib 55 (1974), p.

17 a 'realized' application. Cf. 2 Cor. 17. 45. This distinction is significant for apocalyptic literature more generally. See Hanson, Dawn of Apocalyptic, pp. 134-61. 46. Fekkes categorizes this as a probable/possible allusion {Isaiah, p. 280), but does little by way of discussing its significance here. See also A. Wikenhauser, Die Offenbarung des Johannes (RNT, 9; Regensburg: Friedrich Pustet, 1959), p. 155; Rissi, Future, p. 57; van Ruiten, 'Intertextual Relationship', pp. 486-87; Beale, Revelation, pp.

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