ACS Surgery: Principles & Practice by Wiley W. Souba by Wiley W. Souba; Mitchell P. Fink; Gregory J. Jurkovich;

By Wiley W. Souba; Mitchell P. Fink; Gregory J. Jurkovich; Larry R. Kaiser; William H. Pearce; John H. Pemberton; Nathaniel J. Soper

Annual entire source for surgeons presents the knowledge wanted for continuous ability refinement and to accomplish key systems extra successfully. up to date variation contains an extended reduce gastrointestinal (GI) part. textual content with CD-ROM additionally on hand. DNLM: surgeries, Operative--methods.

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Attributable to failure of expertise). They typically arise during attempts to solve a problem. Mistakes tend to be more subtle, more complex, and less well understood than slips or lapses and thus more dangerous. Two other important sources of error are underspecification of the problem and confirmation bias. Underspecification occurs when a problem seems ill-defined, whether because limited attention is paid, because the wrong cues are picked up, because the problem is truly ill-defined, or because the problem falls outside the rules known.

Rule-based performance involves solving problems through stored rules of the if-then variety. 72 Rulebased performance varies according to expertise: novices tend to rely on a few main rules, whereas experts have many side rules and exceptions. 3. Knowledge-based performance involves conscious analytic processes and stored knowledge. It relies on working memory, which is comparatively slow and of relatively limited capacity. Typically, people resort to knowledge-based performance when their skills are inapplicable or their repertoire of rules has been exhausted.

CP Elements of Contemporary Practice Table 3 Common Modes of Failure Associated with Specific Types of Performance60 Failures of Skill-Based Performance Inattention Double-capture slips Omissions following interruptions Reduced intentionality Perceptual confusions Interference errors Overattention Omissions Repetitions Reversals Failures of Rule-Based Performance Misapplication of Good Rules First exceptions Countersigns and nonsigns Informational overload Rule strength General rules Redundancy Rigidity Application of Bad Rules Encoding deficiencies Action deficiencies Wrong rules Inelegant rules Inadvisable rules Failures of Knowledge-Based Performance Selectivity Workspace limitations Out of sight, out of mind Confirmation bias Overconfidence Biased reviewing Illusory correlation Halo effects Problems with causality Problems with complexity problem.

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