Acupuncture in Physiotherapy: Key Concepts and by Val Hopwood PhD FCSP Dip Ac Nanjing

By Val Hopwood PhD FCSP Dip Ac Nanjing

This booklet permits readers to increase their perform by way of expanding their figuring out of acupuncture and indicating the place and the way it is going to profit their sufferers. in contrast to many imprecise acupuncture texts, this booklet makes the assimilation of data of chinese and scientific philosophies effortless.

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Cellulitis can be considered as a form of this type of oedema. Water within the tissues that is not moving or part of the immediate circulation is sometimes termed ‘dilute Phlegm’ or ‘Phlegm turbidity’. The tendency to slow down or become sticky is part of this manifestation of Damp. Examples of this are the thinner forms of mucus expectorated from the lungs; clear, frothy phlegm vomited from the stomach; and oedema of the limbs where the body looks swollen but there is no evidence of pitting. Phlegm is capable of congealing and becoming quite solid.

Owing to the Yang nature of this manifestation, there may be brief loss of consciousness and spasm in some of the muscles, followed by paralysis. Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiency cause the Yin type of Windstroke. This is indicated by a sudden loss of consciousness with weak, slow breathing, cold limbs and weak muscles. The muscles tend to flaccidity (decreased tone), rather than to spasm and increased tone. The loss of muscle tone affects the sphincters, leading to double incontinence. There may also be a vertex headache.

A further disharmony that will give rise to confusing symptoms is that between the Heart and the Kidney. This is often considered in terms of Yin and Yang or of Fire and Water. The Water aspect of the Kidneys must control the Fire aspect of the Heart, but if the Yin aspect of the Kidney energy is deficient then it will not control and cool the Heart Fire, which then flares up causing symptoms such as insomnia and irritability. A useful comparison for TCM function of the Heart is with that of the cerebral cortex – an integrative function, giving rise to the capacity for individual thought and memory.

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