Aerofoil Sections: Results from Wind-Tunnel by Friedrich Wilhelm Riegels

By Friedrich Wilhelm Riegels

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1 Vocabulary, character set. The set of characters, V , used to formulate the plaintext5 is called the plaintext vocabulary or plaintext character set. The set of characters, W , used to formulate the ciphertext or codetext is called the cryptotext vocabulary or cryptotext character set. The individual characters in W can also be logograms, special symbols representing a word or phrase, such as &, %, $, £, c ; moreover †, ‡, ¶, #, @ , ℘, , ℵ; and other symbols. V and W can be fully different, or overlapping, or identical sets.

9} . ¨ The (present-day) Cyrillic alphabet has 32 letters (disregarding E): Z32 = {A, B, V, G, D, E, , Z, I, I, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, U, F, H, C, Q, X, W, , Y, , , , }. Otherwise many different special conventions have been used to represent digits and, if necessary, punctuation marks and diacritic marks. 40 2 Aims and Methods of Cryptography Spaces between words are suppressed in professional cryptography. Even in German, where the words are longer than in most languages, word spacings are commoner than /e/.

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