Africa and the New World Era: From Humanitarianism to a by J. Mangala

By J. Mangala

Over the past decade, there was a shift towards a strategic view of Africa. China and the U.S. import much in their oil from Africa that's truly rising at the global level as a strategic participant. Africa and the recent global period probes the significance and value of this shift and its implications for Africa's diplomacy.

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However, in this section of the chapter, the focus will be on the economic, political, and security dimensions of the relationship. The objective is to locate the relations in these various areas within the crucible of the American imperial project. Specifically, in the economic domain, the focus will be on aid, debt, private investment, and trade. ” In the security realm, we will look at the African Command (AFRICOM) and the bilateral agreements between the United States and various African states that are designed to help enhance American war-making capacity.

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