African Percussion: The Djembe with Cd (African Percussion) by Serge Blanc

By Serge Blanc

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LO. P~l~ '~! 'd:)U~p OSI~ U'dlliO 1\\ °'dldO'dd 'dq~ JO 'd:)U~p ~ 'dlliO:)'dq s~q ~! ~~'d1:) Aq'd1'dq~ '~SU~[ 10 n~n~ S~ q:)ns "dqlli'd[p 'dq~ uo P'dA~ld Slliq~Aq1 O~U! p'd~l'dS -U! m gq:JU! U~dlliO:):)~ U~ l'd~UOI ou S! L Alle1gUg~ S! 1'Olno gq:J10 :"1 J7f1lY\lIZ 3Hl , Wt/ l1NrSON'DRl1HSrGNAL U ere is one of many "drum signals" - n composed by the "Ballets Koteba de Cote-d'Ivoire"(l), a company created and directed by Souleymane Koly. Many great drummers, including Fofana Georges Kemoko, Mamady "Kargus" Kelta and Mamady "N'Toman" Kelta, have belonged to the troupe.

M dnol~ ~~ulud~s u 10 ~lud --- - y- - - - 't/b"Q3~O)J ~ " F rom the Wolof ethnic group, the Dakar region of Senegal. in In this country, the most common instrument is the sabar,a skin drum played with one hand and a thin wooden stick. It is set on the ground or strapped to the side of the body. The rhythm and dance stepswere named for this drum. There are several styles of sabar dancing. The best known are the "air conditioner", consisting of unveiling the pentelu(l) to the musicians and the audience, and the "fan", where hip rolls provoke a circular movement of the buttocks.

U~dwo~~~ S~M. 10I3 . }J laddj) aq~ 10 U! 10 1~M. aq~ S~M. RId osIR S! I '~ -- ~- -- - -. s~1lRIndod aq~) U~p~W~~ JO pua aq~ ~~ s~s~aJaq~ 10J paA~Id s! lRq ~q! 10 pu~ ~q! ~Id ';)q~8r pan~:) osI~ S! ~~~UaSa1da1~SOWaq~ S! SlaA aq~ 'SA~M I~laAas U! pa~a1dJa~U! aq U~:) S! " ~q! U! ~ Nt/<:1t/H D(DAD( F ro~ the Bamana ethnic group, originating in the Bougouni circle, of Mali's Sikasso regIon. The didadi is organized during the end-of-the-year holidays or to celebratethe arrival of an important person.

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