After the Thousand Years: Resurrection and Judgment in by J. Webb Mealy

By J. Webb Mealy

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4 In laying a careful exegetical foundation for the answering of these 1. God's Rule and Kingdom, p. 346. 2. The full title of the monograph is Priester fur Gott: Studien zum Herrschaftsund Priestermotiv in der Apokalypse. No claim is put forward here as to the overall motivation behind this work, but only the observation that its section on the millennium (pp. 299-334) seems in fact to attempt what Schnackenburg said had to be done to present a full-fledged case for his assertion. Cf. also her article 'Die tausendjahrige Herrschaft der Auferstandenen (Apk 20, 4-6)', BibLeb 13 (1972), pp.

In fact, he seemingly abandons this line of thinking. In its stead, he goes on to develop an interpretation of the millennium that identifies it as the second of three stages in Christ's victory over Satan and the forces of rebellion. Metzger argues that Revelation pictures Christ's kingdom prevailing over the world in three successive steps corresponding to the three great realms of creation: heaven, earth and underworld. First, in Revelation 12 (vv. 7-9), Satan and all his forces are seen being expelled from heaven.

1 Thus the analysis presented in this study will reveal that Fiorenza (along with Schnackenburg and others) has in effect looked in the wrong place for the heart of the millennium. 2 As will be argued in the chapters below, this is the question to which the book of Revelation offers a coherent (and perhaps irreducibly temporal) answer. It may be worthwhile to summarize the main points of the foregoing response to Fiorenza's view. Fiorenza (as will become progressively more apparent) has contributed many important insights to the study of the millennium, but her a-temporal interpretation will have to be laid aside (at least to begin with) for the following reasons.

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