Algebraic Numbers and Fourier Analysis by Raphael Salem

By Raphael Salem

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§1 confronted through the questions pointed out within the Preface i used to be caused to jot down this booklet at the assumption usual reader can have definite features. he'll possibly be acquainted with traditional debts of convinced parts of arithmetic and with many so-called mathematical statements, a few of which (the theorems) he'll comprehend (either simply because he has himself studied and digested an explanation or simply because he accepts the authority of others) to be actual, and others of which he'll be aware of (by an analogous token) to be fake.

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Hence, for all x, PROOF. an cos nx + bn sin nx 2:1 - - - - - -n:2- - - - - - = 00 I 2 - aoX - A 4 x- B and the periodicity of the series implies ao = A = 0; next, the series being uniformly convergent, B = 0 and an = b n = 0 for all n. We shall now prove the theorem on page 42: THEOREM. Every set ofpositive measure is a set M. Let EC (0, 27r) and I El> O. It will be enough to prove that there exists a trigonometric series (not vanishing identically) and converging to zero in the complementary set of E, that is, CE.

For this purpose, one uses the well-known fact [9J that the integers of imaginary quadratic fields share with the rational integers the property of not having zero as a limit point. Theorem A" shows, in particular, that if where the an are rational integers, is regular in the neighborhood of z = 0, has only a finite number of poles in I z I < 1, and is uniformly bounded in the neighborhood of the circumference I z I = 1, then fez) is a rational function. This result suggests the following extension.

28 Applications to Power Series,. Another Class of Algebraic Integers The determinant 1 u Ll = • •• U k- 1 k-l 1 PI . PI 1 ••• Pk-l Pho-l k-l being not zero, we can, by Minkowski's theorem (as given at the beginning of Chapter VI and Appendix, 9), find rational integers AI, ... , Ak, such that the number o= A1uk - 1 + ... ••, (3k-1 all less than 1 in absolute value. In other words, o is a number of the class S belonging to the field of u. Its conjugates are all real. Take now J,L = 02h and l'j = (3lh, h being a positive integer such that 1'1 + + ...

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