Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Annual 5 by Serge Gauthier, Philip Scheltens, Jeffrey L. Cummings

By Serge Gauthier, Philip Scheltens, Jeffrey L. Cummings

This quantity serves as a growth record on state of the art learn within the box of Alzheimer's disorder and different kinds of dementia, yet with an emphasis on subject matters which are appropriate to scientific perform. during this newest installment, Serge Gauthier, Philip Scheltens and Jeffrey Cummings conceal a few of the rising remedies for Alzheimer's sickness, together with statins, GAG minetics, and immunotherapy, in addition to using hormonal treatment and unusual anti-psychotic brokers within the remedy of alternative comparable dementias. Chapters also will summarize the present figuring out of the pathophysiology of light cognitive impairment in addition to learn into tau pathologies.

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When there is doubt about the diagnosis AD, with non-conclusive MRI or neuropsychological findings. 2. In patients with early-onset dementias (disease onset before 65 years old), as the differential diagnosis here is wider and more complicated; in particular, the differentiation of EAD from FTD is relevant. 3. In patients suspected for CJD, in combination with CSF 14-3-3 protein, MRI scan, and EEG. e. MRI parameters and/or neuropsychologic examinations. Investigate the diagnostic value of the biomarkers in primary and secondary referral settings, preferably with neuropathologic or prolonged clinical follow-up.

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