An Ethics of the Pre-individual by Aislinn O'Donnell

By Aislinn O'Donnell

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This calls for a complex analysis that underlines multitudinous variables and prOCesses of subjectification. Gilroy's idea of 'diaspora' resonates with hooks' strategies of resistance. Like Deleuze and Guattarl's rhizome, this concept does not have its roots firrjýNTfixed in a soil and territory but skates along or beneath the surface. This kind of identity formation disrupts traditional forms of belonging; it is disperse. But dispersion, this than its movements are rather gathering, regulating and ordering lineage kinship Challenging traditional it seeksnew and organisation of affirmed.

7 DIFFERENCE X-',ýD DIVERSITY Within the Canadian context the further splintering of identities and solidification of those fragments Might well lead to an exacerbatedmoblhsation of identities in the quest and competition for scarce resources. The task is, as Chantal Mouffe (1995) points out, to construct a 'we. Tully's understanding of the hberatonT i potential consonant Nxith embracing diversity resonates with Guattari's effilco-political lie concept of disseiisits '\ý-hich values above and against what he views as the infantilisation of thought in its drive toward consensus and uniformity.

Fragments society beyond recognition paradoxically creating a homogeneous differences dissolving that conservative of resembling paralysis and a of culture critics. Cultural fet-ninists also emphasise the masculine bias of constitutional according how do Tully, Nvomen can enter into they to not show Nvith members being marginahsed. NTetultimatelv, dialogue language Finally, intercultural of authoritarian citizens and writers, Young, criticise the homogeneous n-iain traditions traditions without hooks bell such as conceptions Marion Irl's and of identitýT and association of the liberator)the possibilities and are sceptical of dcconstructive of 35 DIFFERENCE post-modernism.

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