Ancient Egyptian: A Linguistic Introduction by Antonio Loprieno

By Antonio Loprieno

The language of old Egypt has been the thing of cautious research given that its decipherment within the 19th century, yet this is often the 1st obtainable account which makes use of the insights of recent linguistics. Antonio Loprieno lines old Egyptian's ancient improvement from outdated Egyptian to Coptic, and, combining diachronic and synchronic viewpoints anywhere attainable, he seems to be on the hieroglyphic procedure and its cursive forms (Hieratic and Demotic), the phonology of Classical Egyptian and Coptic, the phonology and syntax of the literary languages, and semantic and pragmatic constraints on syntax. He additionally appears on the genetic connections of Egyptian in the Afroasiatic kin, specifically with Semitic languages comparable to Akkadian, Arabic, and Hebrew. This e-book can be crucial examining for linguists and Egyptologists alike.

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Mrj "to love," IV-inf. Qmsj "to sit") or a gemination of the second radical (11-gem. m33 "to see," 111-gem. s333 'to land"). Superimposed on the root as a separate morphological tier is a vocalic or semivocalic pattern, which together with the root forms the so-called mm, the surface h r m acquired by the root; the stem determines the functional dass to which the word belongs. 3 Root, rtnn, word language by means of inflectional affues (in Egyptian for the most part suffies), which convey deictic markers and other grammatical functions such as gender, number, tense and aspect, and voice.

5) the phonetic outcome */i:/ > * [ e : ]in proximity of /F/ or /j/. Most Coptic dialects have two unstressed vocalic phonemes,81 depending o n the phonetic context of the original structure of the word: as a general rule, pretonic and posttonic vowels have developed into /a/,SZ graphically rendered by or <0> ( in Bohairic a n d Fayyumic in final position); pretonic unstressed /a/ owes its origin to an earlier Egyptian unstressed */a/, either etymological o r resulting from assimilation of */el < */i/ o r */u/ in proximity of a n etymologicd pharyngeal o r velar phoneme: aglar 'to become many" < '83 */Fi'Sid, o r to a n unstressed sonorant phonetic surrounding: a m p n e e "asphaltn c */rnv'rihjat/.

Examples of *-ware: (a) cons. stem **lanab-u > '4*/TaDnaX/ > an- /la8naS/ "oath," pl. w/, pl. **hamu-u > hnv. w */ha'mww/ > % p e r /brew/; **madu-u > mdw "word," pl. w */ma'duww/ > B-ATAW /nldaw/; (c) a l t e m **bupira-u > bpnv * / ~ u p r a w "form," l Akk. transcription -bu-u'-dJ (corresponding to a later Egyptian *bupm), pl. w *lxu'pirwl, Akk. /,pl. w */jaahiww/> eeetr /&hew/. Examples of *-aw (a) cons. / "mouth," pl. **ra3-aw > n . w */ra:~aw/> paootr /ro:w/;37 (b) u-stem **radu-u > rdw */ra:duw/ > parr /rod "plant," pl.

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